Salt and Light Catholic Homeschool

Salt and Light Homeschool is the curriculum I began writing during my conversion from protestant to Catholic in late 2018, early 2019. In my effort to try to prove the Catholic Church was wrong on every front, I found myself – to my horror – becoming Catholic. Through RCIA. intense prayer and deeper study, I was left with only the truth and only one option remained : convert to being Catholic. Our whole family converted together on Easter Vigil 2019, which at the time that was four children and my husband, Daren. 

Before writing Salt and Light Homeschool, I created and wrote Lamp + Light Homeschool which was for protestant Christians. I have been curriculum writing for a very long time and enjoy it as a labor of love. I do this myself, so the pace is slower than if I had an entire team of writers. Something I hope to have in the future, Lord willing. 

Below you will find Years 1-4 of Salt and Light Homeschool which is meant to be done in order from Year 1 through Year 4 and then repeat it. All four volumes are written for grades PreK through 12th Grades. It’s written to be done as a “one room schoolhouse” and is heavily Charlotte Mason influenced – which is to say it is literature heavy as the focus for learning. Though it is most certainly a mix of homeschooling methods. 

Salt and Light Homeschool is written to be fully Catholic and while anyone can use it, if you’re not Catholic, you might disagree with the faith portions which are woven through every subject. Below each cover below, you’ll find the links to purchase a digital copy or a digital/hardcover bundle. You need the digital copy for the links within the PDF. 

You will also find videos that are on my YouTube Channel [Salty Tribe TV] that show the materials, do a flip through of the curriculum books, etc. There is also a Facebook group! I do not run it, nor do I use Facebook, but if you do – there is one there! Those videos should answer your questions, but if you still need help, please use the contact tab on this site. 





*available June/July 2023*

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